'The Element Encyclopaedia of Birthdays’ by Teresa Cheung;

Element Books 2007; ISBN 13-978-0-00-729893-8;  £12.99  

Not a new book but one of my favourites to dip into when I find out someone’s birthday! Character analysis is very accurate. Gives life challenges, negative and positive personality traits in an easy to digest format. Love this book!  

Nina Ashby - CM BAPS

'Creating Trance and Hypnosis Scripts’, by Gemma Bailey,

 O Books 2008 ISBN 978 1 84694 197 9; £11.99

If you are interested in the mind and have any training in hypnotic induction, this is an interesting resource for learning or expanding your repertoire; to write scripts, including tone, embedded metaphors, rhythms and hypnotic patterns. 

Nina Ashby - CM BAPS

"Call of the Forbidden Way", Robert Owings, reviewed by Nina Ashby

Cosmic Egg Books ISBN 978 178535 366 6

This is a gripping tale about the initiatory path, reminiscent of Carlos Castenada and his journey from sceptical novice towards adept-hood, though in this book through various spiritual disciplines. The descriptions of spiritual trial and personal pathway are very accurate and well written and believable.

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'Crystal Prescriptions: Feng Shui and Psychic Protection, An A-Z Guide, by Judy Hall

Space Clearing, Feng Shui and Psychic Protection, An A-Z Guide, Volume’ by Judy Hall, 2015 O Books, I*SBN 978 1 78535 457 1; £12.99  

As all of Judy Hall’s wonderfully detailed and accurate books on crystals and their therapeutic uses, this is a useful and inspiring book to have on your shelf. Her approach is practical and she makes rather complex concepts easy to understand with loads of cross referencing for easy access to information. Highly recommended for all levels.  

Nina Ashby - CM BAPS

Palmistry Made Easy by Johnny Fincham reviewed by Paul Harrison

(Dodona Books, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-84694-620-2)

This is a slim volume containing a wide range, and reasonable depth, of information for people new to the world of palmistry. Topics covered include skin texture, hand and finger shapes and print and palm patterns. For those with some basic knowledge of the subject, the presentation can be a little confusing, as he assigns new names to familiar hand parts.

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