Code of Ethics and Conduct

Applicable to Consultant Members

  1. It shall be the aim of every Consultant Member to provide a service, which reflects both professional and spiritual integrity.
  2. At all times, a Consultant Member shall conduct him/herself in a manner as befits a professional Member of the Society and will never behave in a way that is likely to bring the Society into disrepute or reflect badly on themselves or other members of the Society.
  3. At all times, a Consultant Member is required by their own example to encourage those whom they come into contact with to have an awareness and understanding of their subject(s) and the spiritual reality they represent.
  4. Consultant Members are expected to be open-minded, honest and non-judgemental and respect the beliefs, philosophy and creeds of others.
  5. Consultant Members are advised and will endeavour to have professional insurance if working on behalf of BAPS. Insurance is the responsibility of the Consultant Member.
  6. Consultant Members will always act in the best interests of the client and aim to empower them to be responsible and take charge of their own life.
  7. Consultant Members will endeavour to apply the provisions of Appendix 2:- ‘Readings Guidance’ in a reasonable manner.
  8. Fees charged by the Consultant Member may be determined by that member, except that such fees should always reflect the work carried out on behalf of the client and the professional capacity of the member. At their own discretion, a Consultant Member may provide free or reduced rate consultations where they deem it appropriate, except where such readings are carried out at a Festival or other public place where the Society is being officially represented, when such decisions shall rest with the Committee Officer in charge.
  9. A Consultant Member invited to work at any Festival or other official function of the Society under the name of BAPS shall do so under the conditions laid down from time to time by the Committee for such work, and shall accept as final any decision of the Committee or Festival Organiser(s) regarding such work and payment of fees or donations thereof.
  10. A Consultant Member may use the term "CM.BAPS” after their name in any advertising relating to the discipline(s) for which they have been vetted and approved by the Committee, but may not do so in any other respect. When a Consultant Member is working at an official BAPS stand, private advertising display of any kind is permitted only with the prior approval of the Committee.
  11. Any Consultant Member who has been found guilty of committing a breach of this Code of Ethics and Conduct by a two-thirds majority of the Committee, having investigated the circumstances and given the Member reasonable opportunity to defend and justify themselves in writing and/or by appearance before the Committee, shall have their name summarily removed from the Register of Consultant Members and the Member may be expelled under the Expulsion Clause.
  12. The re-instatement of a Consultant Member whose name has been removed under Clause 12 of this Appendix 2 shall not take place for a period of one year following the year in which the breach of conduct took place, or the year in which they are removed, whichever is the later, and then only with the approval of a two thirds majority of the Committee then in office.
  13. Each Consultant Member shall be required to confirm their acceptance, by the signing of a copy of this Code of Ethics and Conduct, such copy to be held by the Society


  1. All Consultant Members fees will be agreed prior to any reading.
  2. Readings are to remain in confidence between the client, the Consultant Member, and when appropriate, BAPS.
  3. Should there be a dispute at any time about a reading ( recorded or not) between the client and a Consultant Member, then the reading will be brought to the attention of the National Executive Committee who shall keep the reading confidential and within the confines of the National Executive Committee and the parties concerned.
  4. Readings will not knowingly be given to clients under the age of 18 years without expressed permission from their parent or guardian (a parent/guardian should be present) and only then in the disciplines of astrology, palmistry, numerology or graphology.
  5. If at any time a Consultant Member feels it is inappropriate to undertake or to complete a reading, they will tactfully decline.
  6. Consultant Members need to ensure their clients know they offer guidance and not statements of fact.
  7. If appropriate, Consultant Members will suggest that a client consults a qualified professional (e.g. health or legal professional).
  8. Consultant Members respect the decisions and personal choices of their clients even if they disagree with them.
  9. All Consultant Members need to be aware of the use of disclaimers under current law, and where necessary, use these effectively.

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