The Constitution


  1. The Society shall be known as the "British Astrological and Psychic Society" (hereinafter referred to as "the Society") and also by the acronym "BAPS".
  2. The name, symbols and acronym BAPS may not be used for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of the Society’s National Executive Committee (as hereinafter defined).


The symbol of the Society shall be a globe of the world into which is set a silver crescent moon with the glyph of Aquarius running through it. The moon shall be taken to represent intuition, the glyph of Aquarius the forward-looking work of the Society, and the globe the group.


The objectives of the Society (hereinafter referred to as "Objects") shall be:

  1. To be an association of persons engaged in the practice and/or study of, or with a general interest in one or more of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, which same shall include but not be limited to such practices as: Astrology, Palmistry, Clairvoyance, Tarot and Numerology.
  2. To encourage the study of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings (as defined above) through the organisation and operation of workshops, classes, lectures, courses and local groups.
  3. To maintain and electronically publish a Register of all Consultant Members (as hereinafter defined) of the Society who have each agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics and Conduct (Appendix 2).
  4. Where possible to arrange and provide for, or join in arranging and providing for, the holding of exhibitions relating to said Ancient Wisdom Teachings and allied subjects.
  5. Raise funds and invite and receive contributions from any person or persons whatsoever by way of subscriptions and otherwise;
  6. Carry on trade insofar as either the trade is exercised in the course of the actual carrying out of a primary object of the Society, or is ancillary or incidental to the carrying out of the objects;
  7. Encourage ethical writings to be printed or otherwise reproduced and circulated, gratuitously or otherwise, such papers, books, periodicals, pamphlets or other documents or films or recorded tapes (whether audio or visual or both) as shall further the said objects;


  1. The business of the Society shall be conducted by a National Executive Committee (herein referred to in full name or as "the Committee") which shall consist of the Officers of the Society as defined subsequently in Clause 5.
  2. There may be times when it is necessary for an Officer to hold more than one position with the National Executive Committee for the effective management of the Society's business. They shall do so for a period of twelve months from election and will be entitled to one vote only.
  3. The responsibility for the operation and conduct of the affairs of the Society shall rest with the Committee, which shall meet once every quarter, with at least two face to face meetings, which may be held by video conference, within the year of Office.
  4. Only officers of the Committee may attend formal meetings of the Committee other than by specific invitation.
  5. For the purposes of conducting the business of the Society during a meeting, three voting members of the Committee, at least one of whom shall be a Signatory Officer, shall form a quorum.
  6. The Society’s databases shall be available to the elected Officers of the National Executive Committee, the use of which will remain within the jurisdiction of the said Committee.


  1. The Officers of the Society shall consist of a President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and a Schools Administrator for the School who hereinafter shall be collectively referred to as the "Statutory Officers” of the Society. Of said Statutory Officers, the President, Chairman and Treasurer shall be designated as the Signatory Officers of the Society, except those individuals who are living in the same household or in any other form of relationship that is recognised in law, shall not serve as Signatory Officers at the same time as each other. In this event the Vice President or Vice Chairman may be appointed as a signatory officer.
  2. The signatory officers of the Society (President, Chairman and Treasurer) shall only be elected from those members who have either/or:-
      1. Previously served on the National Executive Committee as a Statutory Officer or an appointed member or:-
      2. Have been a BAPS Member or Friend with voting rights for a minimum of Two (2) consecutive years.
  3. In addition to the Statutory Officers, the Committee may consist of up to four further voting Members or Friends of the Society and such other non-voting Members or Friends of the Society as may be co-opted from time to time by the Statutory Officers onto the Committee.
  4. Any Officer of the Society who, in the opinion of a simple majority of the current serving members of the committee, fails in their duty to fulfil their role adequately, including meeting agreed deadlines laid down by the Committee, will be served, in writing, with a one month notice to improve their performance. If the Officer fails to improve during the one month period, the President will ask the Officer to leave the Committee, their post to be filled temporarily until the next AGM by either another committee member or a suitable co-opted member with relevant experience as agreed upon and appointed by the current serving committee. (Note: A post filled in this way will not have any voting rights or additional voting rights under the Constitution.)
  5. In order to maintain the function of the Committee, it may be necessary to co-opt onto the committee a person or persons who have not been a member of the Society for the obligatory two year period under the Constitution but who have the required expertise required for the role for which they have been co-opted. In this event, the co-opted person or persons will have no voting rights within the Committee until they have been a member for the statutory two-year consecutive period.
  6. Matters pertaining to the work of the Executive Committee shall remain confidential at all times until the Executive Committee agrees such information can be released to Members. Failure to do so may lead to disciplinary and/or legal action.
  7. Resignations: Any Officer or Committee Member requiring to leave the committee mid term is obliged to give the committee at least 2 weeks notice in writing before doing so, unless otherwise agreed by the committee. The committee and the member shall then agree a reasonable period of time not to exceed one month by the end of which all property and information belonging to the Society, whether on hard copy or in electronic form, must be rendered back to the Society in good order and in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.


  1. Membership of the Society shall consist of Friends of the Society, Consultant Members, Life Members and Honorary Members.
  2. Friendship of the Society shall be open to :-

    i) Friends – individuals (18 years of age and over) who are interested in furthering the work of the Society, or their own knowledge or study of the Ancient Wisdoms, and have paid the annual ‘Friend’ subscription as laid down by the National Executive Committee;

  3. ii) Such Friends shall be entitled to receive:

    a) Discounts (where offered) and;
    b) Free of charge, a copy of the Society’s Mercury publication.

  4. Consultant members are defined as any person who having been a Friend to the Society and having been professionally assessed in accordance with the then laid down rules governing the vetting of a prospective Consultant Member, has then been approved by the Committee. Consultant Members are entitled to use the designation: CM.BAPS after their name, for as long as they remain a fully paid up Consultant Member.
  5. Consultant Members and Joint Consultant Members shall be entitled to the same privileges as Friends of the Society as defined in Clause 6b but shall be required to pay such further annual fees as may be determined by the Society at its Annual General Meeting each year in respect of this type of Membership.
  6. Life Member - any person nominated by the Committee and endorsed by the Members and Friends of the Society in General Meeting may be designated as Life Member, not being required to pay an annual subscription but entitled to receive all the privileges of a Friend of the Society. However, a Life Member who is also a Consultant Member shall continue to be liable to pay the additional fees appropriate to such.
  7. Honorary Member - Honorary Members shall be elected by the Committee without endorsement from the Members and Friends of the Society in General Meeting, not to hold office within the Society, or to appear on the register of Consultant Members. They may, at the discretion of the Committee, be entitled to receive free of charge the Society’s "Mercury" publication.
  8. Consultant Members or Friends of the Society who are normally resident outside of the United Kingdom have the same rights as UK members except that:-

    a. They may be required to pay an additional fee as decided by the Committee from time to time to take into account the extra postage charges.

    b. They will not be entitled to a vote unless they hold a British Passport.

  9. Ceasing Membership - any person ceasing to hold Membership or Friendship to the Society for whatever reason shall not have any right to a refund of any subscription fees already paid and shall forfeit all rights and privileges of Membership or Friendship of the Society, except as herein provided in regard to a Consultant Member (Clause 11), but shall remain liable for the return of any property belonging to the Society or any dues or debts to the Society which became payable or were incurred before the date of resignation or expulsion.

    i) The National Executive Committee shall have the right :-

    1) To approve or reject applications for Friendship or Membership

    2) To expel from the Society any Member or Friend of the Society whose conduct is, in their opinion, injurious or which may tend to be injurious to the interests of the Society or its Members or Friends of the Society or any of its Objects. Before expelling a Member or Friend, the Committee shall investigate the circumstances and the Member or Friend of the Society shall be given reasonable opportunity to defend and justify themselves, in writing or by appearance, before the Committee. The decision of the Committee in such cases shall be on a majority vote of those present at the Enquiry and shall be confirmed in writing to the Member or Friend of the Society.


The Title of Founder President Emeritus is bestowed for life upon the founder of the Society, Russell Grant, as is Life Membership.


  1. The Offices of President and Chairman shall each be elected on alternate years and each run for a term of two years, all other Officers being elected annually. Retiring Officers may stand for re-election.
  2. All Officers shall be elected at the Annual General meeting of the Society in accordance with the following rules:

    i) Any Member or Friend of the Society, other than an Honorary Member, may nominate any other Member or Friend of the Society (other than themselves) provided that the nominator has confirmed with the nominee of his/her willingness to stand for election to the office proposed;

    ii) Any two nominations received in respect of a Member or Friend of the Society for a specific office shall be deemed to constitute a duly proposed and seconded candidate;

    iii) No Member or Friend of the Society may nominate another Member or Friend of the Society from the same family for any of those offices that shall be also designated as Signatory Officers, any such nominations so received shall be deemed invalid;

    iv) The Committee shall be responsible for advising Members and Friends of the Society that nominations for Officers of the Society for the coming year are due, and shall give Members and Friends of the Society not less than four weeks notice of same prior to the date set by the Committee for the return of nominations to the Chairman. Notice shall be given by use of a Nomination Form, which shall be sent to all Members and Friends of the Society except Honorary Members. Only nominations received on the aforesaid Nomination Form shall be deemed valid;

    v) The Committee shall advise Members and Friends of the Society, in writing, of the date of the Annual General Meeting not less than six weeks prior to said date, and shall at the same time or at a time, not less than four weeks prior to the said date, also send all Members and Friends of the Society with voting rights a Voting Form detailing the nominees for each office due for re-election;

    vi) Members and Friends of the Society may indicate their order of preference in respect of nominees for a given office by stating their first and second choices. In the event of their first choice withdrawing, or being elected to a different office, then their vote shall be transferred to their second choice;

    vii) All voting forms must be submitted either by post to the Chairman in a sealed envelope clearly marked “AGM” or via the BAPS website electronically, 24 hours prior to the AGM. All forms submitted electronically shall be downloaded and printed on the day of the AGM By the Chairman and submitted in a sealed envelope to the tellers at the Annual General Meeting. Voting Forms shall be accepted by the Chairman from those present at the AGM, who have not already submitted a voting form in anyway, up to the formal close of voting as announced by the Chairman at the Annual General Meeting. (AGM);

    viii) The AGM shall appoint two Tellers to count the votes submitted and to announce the results when requested to do so by the Chairman of the meeting;

    ix) A majority vote shall be sufficient to elect a Member or Friend of the Society, provided that, where the majority is four or fewer votes greater than the next highest scoring candidate, the candidate shall have the right to request a recount;

    x) In the event of a recount being called, the Tellers shall call upon the President, or other Officer if it is the Presidency in contention, together with one other Member or Friend of the Society to assist as observers at the recount. Two consecutive counts of the same number of votes for a given candidate shall result in that candidate being elected;

    xi) In the event of a tied vote being recorded, the candidate with the longest previous service on the Committee shall take precedence or, where equal, then the candidate with the greater number of years of Membership or Friendship of the Society.

  3. The office of a member of the National Executive Committee shall be vacated if he or she:-

    i) Ceases to be a Member; or

    ii) Resigns his or her office by notice in writing to the National Executive Committee;

    iii) Absents himself or herself from three meetings of the National Executive Committee in any period of twelve consecutive months unless the reasons for absence are accepted by a resolution of the National Executive Committee; or

    iv) Be requested in writing by all his co-members of the National Executive Committee to resign.


  1. The AGM of the Society shall be held on a day that falls between January 30th and March 31st each calendar year.
  2. The agenda of the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows :-

    i) Apologies for absence;

    ii) The Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and matters arising therefrom;

    iii) The submission by the Officers of reports on the activities of the Society relating to their office in the preceding year, in the order: President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and any other Committee Member or Friend of the Society authorised by the Chairman, to submit a report on behalf of the Committee. The report by the Treasurer shall include a statement of accounts showing the previous year and include a separate statement for the School;

    iv) The Adoption of the reports of the Officers;

    v) The Consideration of Notices of Motion affecting the Constitution of the Society;

    vi) The election of the ‘Statutory Officers’ for the next twelve months;

    vii) The consideration of other Notices of Motion;

    v) Any other business ( A.O.B.) which will include:-

    A summary of concluded business and official thanks to persons in recognition of their service to the Society

  3. A total of Five Consultant Members and/or Friend Members of the Society present shall constitute a quorum.
  4. The adoption of any Motion affecting the Constitution shall require a two-thirds majority of the Members and Friends of the Society voting at the Annual General Meeting: all other Motions shall be decided by a simple majority vote.
  5. Notices of Motion shall bear the name of both the proposer and seconder and must be submitted in writing to the Chairman not less than fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting at which the Motion is to be heard.
  6. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called either by two-thirds majority of the Officers in Committee or by petition of any nine Members or Friends of the Society. The reason and purpose of such a meeting shall be circulated to all Members and Friends of the Society then in good standing not less than twenty one days prior to the date set, and in case of such a petition, within ninety days of the petition being submitted to the Committee.
  7. The rules governing voting at a General Meeting shall be those as defined herein for an Annual General Meeting.
  8. At an Annual General Meeting the Chairman of the Society shall take the Chair. In their absence the President shall preside provided that, at an Extraordinary Meeting held as a result of a petition, the petitioning Members or Friends of the Society may request an alternative Chairman for the meeting.


  1. The National Treasurer shall receive all dues, donations, legacies and other income on behalf of the Society and shall be responsible for keeping accurate accounts of all financial transactions and in conjunction with the other Signatory Officers for transacting the financial business of the Society, but shall not personally be liable for any debts of the Society.
  2. The National Treasurer will also be an authorised signatory to obtain information directly from the Bank, and where necessary, instruct the bank accordingly. The committee shall be informed of all such matters.
  3. Requests for payment of all annual subscriptions due to the Society to be made 7 days before renewal date.
  4. The rates of subscriptions to be paid each year in respect of each type of membership of the Society shall be proposed by the Committee to the Members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting for ratification or amendment.
  5. The Signatory Officers shall be responsible for all financial transactions of the Society. Two signatories are required to sign all cheques drawn on the Society's bank account(s) and all other official documents relating to the financial aspects of the Society’s operation.


  1. A proper inventory shall be kept of all the property belonging to or held in trust by the Society. Each item belonging to the Society, when first recorded in the Inventory, shall be given a monetary value which, in accordance with usual accounting practice, shall be depreciated annually.
  2. All property belonging to or held in trust by the Society shall be properly insured for its replacement value. Such insurance to cover any items that may from time to time be in transit, in use, or stored by a Member or Friend of the Society or other third party.
  3. Ownership, including any copyright therein, of any course material created, purchased or assigned specifically for use by the Society shall belong wholly to the Society (unless on terms otherwise expressed in writing to the Society by the author and/or the seller and/or assignee at the time the material was supplied) and may not be used, replicated or disposed of except with express written permission of the Committee.
  4. All items of stationery and other consumables, including all electronic or optical media whether or not containing data and any files, records, or correspondence howsoever pertaining to the affairs of the Society, provided by the Society to any person, excluding any Minutes of meetings provided by a Member or Friend of the Society for their own record, are considered at all times to be the property of the Society and shall be returned to the Committee as or when so requested.


  1. Any Consultant Member or Friend of the Society may start and operate a local BAPS Group for the purposes of the furtherance of the Society’s Objects providing that:-

    a) They inform the National Executive Committee of their intention to do so;
    b) They are wholly responsible for the organisation and finances of the Group;
    c) Any opinion, verbal or written, expressed or issued by a Group shall be regarded as its own opinion, and as such the Committee and Society as a whole cannot be held responsible for such opinion;
    d) The Code of Ethics applicable to Members and Friends or Consultants as the case may be is observed in all the activities of the Group.


  1. The Society may from time to time, as decided by the National Executive Committee, arrange Workshops, Seminars or Courses (see Addendum) in one or more of the disciplines represented by its Consultant Members and in each instance the Committee shall determine the fees to be charged to attendees and the amount of remuneration to be paid to those responsible for the organisation and teaching of same.
  2. Such Workshops, Seminars or Courses as the Committee may arrange shall only be taught by Consultant Members approved for the disciplines which are to form the subject of same, or at the Committee’s discretion by an external speaker or tutor of repute in said discipline.
  3. In the event of the Society organising a Course of Instruction leading to the award of a Certificate to students who complete the Course in a satisfactory manner, the teaching material for such a Course shall be approved by the Committee prior to its publication.
  4. Students of such a Course who are awarded a Certificate shall thereafter be entitled to use the designation: Cert. xxxx BAPS, where xxxx shall be the agreed abbreviation for the skill, for example Cert. Astrol. BAPS.
  5. See also Appendix 3, Esoteric School


  1. a) The Society expects and charges all its Members and Friends of the Society to conduct themselves at all times in such a manner so as to not bring the Society and its good name into disrepute.
  2. No Member or Friend of the Society may use the name of The British Astrological & Psychic Society or the initials BAPS to solicit or procure work.
  3. Any Friend of the Society, not being a Consultant Member, whether or not holding any qualification to practise any of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings (as hereinbefore defined), may not, in such respect, make reference in any manner to their Friendship of the Society other than with the expressed permission in writing of the Committee.
  4. Each Consultant Member shall be required to sign the Code of Ethics and Conduct, as detailed in Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 ‘Readings Guidance’, hereto.


No alteration or repeal of or addition to the Rules of the Society shall be made otherwise than by resolution of the Members and Friends of the Society attending the Annual General Meeting carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the Members and Friends of the Society voting thereon. Proposals for any such alteration, repeal or addition shall be put in writing to the Committee for submission as proper Notices of Motion to such meeting.


The National Executive Committee shall be the final authority for the interpretation of the Rules of the Society and of this Constitution.


  1. a) The Society will welcome applications for Affiliation to the Society from other Organisations, Societies, or Institutions, particularly those overseas, whose aims and principles are homogeneous to those of BAPS.
  2. The Society shall encourage, offer support and assistance to any group of persons resident outside the territories of the United Kingdom (hereinafter termed "Overseas Group") to establish within their own national territory a "Society" with the aims and principles homogeneous to those of BAPS.
  3. The Society shall, where requested, assist in the establishment and operation of vetting procedures for Consultant Members of an Overseas Group. Any such Overseas Group shall be entitled to apply for reciprocal affiliation.
  4. Upon acceptance of a formal written Agreement between the two Societies, an annual Affiliation Fee will be levied upon the Overseas Group, which will bring the following entitlements:

    i) A library copy of the Society’s "Mercury" publication (ISSN 1362-2226);

    ii) Permission to translate from English into their own national language for their own organisation’s publication(s) any article so published by the Society, so long as authorship and sources are fully quoted and it is not published for financial gain;

    iii) Upon written request, permission to use the Society’s Constitution and Code of Ethics and Conduct as a basis for their own Constitution and Code of Ethics and Conduct;

    iv) Upon written request, permission to use the Society’s Information Booklet as a basis for their own Booklet;

    v) Temporary Friendship of the Society for any bona fide member of the Overseas Group, when resident within the United Kingdom, at no additional charge, including the enjoyment of discounts (where offered), as in paragraph 6a;

    vi) The right to advertise the Affiliation within the Overseas Group’s publications and literature;

  5. The Affiliation Fee to be determined by or for an Affiliated Overseas Group shall be by agreement of the National Executive Committee.
  6. Consultants vetted by or for an Affiliated Overseas Group shall only enjoy the rights of the Society’s own Consultant Members on a temporary basis for the exceptional circumstances, and only with the expressed permission and agreement of the National Executive Committee.
  7. The Society shall encourage the proper exchange of ideas, between its Members and Friends of the Society and those Affiliated Overseas Groups including the invitation to each other’s Consultants to undertake lectures and to conduct workshops and the like on the other’s behalf.
  8. In the case of an Affiliated Group acting in a manner contrary to the Object of the Society, or in bringing the name of the Society into disrepute, the Committee may withdraw the Affiliation without notice.
  9. The Society, being established within the territories of the United Kingdom, shall not be responsible in any way for the financial or legal responsibilities of any Affiliated Group.


The dissolution of the Society requires notice to all members in an AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) by agreement of at least two-thirds of the Members of the Society who either attend or vote for dissolution.   In the event there is no elected National Executive Committee at the AGM, the retiring officers will need to inform the membership and advise them that if new National Executive Committee Members are not elected at an Extraordinary General Meeting then the society will need to be officially dissolved.  In the case of dissolution the retiring officers will be required to take all the necessary steps to carry this out.  In the event of its dissolution all funds held by the Society shall be distributed to charities and worthy organisations, as shall be deemed by the retiring committee.

There shall be no general refund of subscriptions to the Members or Friends of the Society.

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