What BAPS can do for you


  • Join a forum for sharing your esoteric and spiritual interests.
  • Distance learning courses in spiritual and esoteric subjects.
  • Become a BAPS Consultant.
  • Professional status and recognition with opportunities for promoting yourself.


BAPS was founded in 1976 by Russell Grant, and the Society has been the leading organisation for professionals working as Astrologers, Psychics, Mediums, Palmists, Card Readers and other spiritual and esoteric disciplines.

There has always been a lot of misconception and misunderstanding about all things spiritual and esoteric. So from the beginning, the Society set out to define to the public what these different disciplines and subjects are about and what is to be expected within each field. For what you can expect from a qualified professional reader and the difference between different types of readings see here.

It also introduced “professional assessments” to ensure all its Consultant members are capable of providing high quality readings to their many clients worldwide. By having a reading with a registered BAPS Consultant you can be confident you will be receiving expert guidance. To find a Consultant Member see here.


Friend Membership of the Society is open to all those who have an interest in spiritual and esoteric subjects, as well as practising professionals who wish to be peer assessed and become Consultant Members. To become a friend member click here.


All the Consultants within the Society enjoy an excellent reputation for the breadth and quality of their readings. They abide by a Code of Ethics and Conduct and are accountable for their work. You can find BAPS Consultants all over the UK as well as overseas. In addition to their private clients many lecture, work within the media and run training workshops in their particular discipline(s). Many also have separate healing qualifications as well.


Since the 1990's, BAPS has been offering a number of different Distance Learning Training Courses in a variety of esoteric subjects that allow you to study at your own pace with the help of a personal Tutor. These courses are constantly being updated by our team of professionally assessed Tutors. If you are interested, please look under the Courses section for detailed information.

BAPS is also a member of the Advisory Panel for Astrological Education (APAE).

If you have any queries contact us.

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