Year of the Rooster

By Ting Foon Chick

Cock-a-doodle-do! What will the year of the Rooster bring for you? On January 27th 2017 there’s a big celebration for Chinese New Year. The Rooster struts in as the ruler for the next twelve months in the Chinese calendar. A night before a new moon will give the perfect backdrop for fireworks to light up the skies in the far east. The lunar Chinese New Year begins on January 28th 2017 and people all over the world will wake up in the year of the Rooster. Or will they? Even though millions of people would have exchanged good wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year, astrologers will greet the solar year of the Rooster on February 4th. The Monkey will still be the year ruler in charge for any babies born between January 28th and February 4th 2017. Why? The Chinese calendar tracks both the cycles of the moon and the cycles of the sun. Over the centuries, folks in the Middle Kingdom that’s the literal translation of China,(pronounced Zhōngguó in mandarin) would observe the moon in the night sky and keep track of the months. The second new moon after the Winter Solstice is the time to celebrate the new year. 

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Chinese Astrology – The Sun, The Moon and The Stars By Ting-Foon Chik

Popular Chinese Astrology is about the animal signs each ruling a year. If you study Chinese Astrology, the Four Pillars of Destiny, you’ll soon see that there’s a link between Four Pillars and Astrology.

In The Four Pillars of Destiny, there’s a year animal, a month animal, a day animal and an hour animal. The animals are officially known as the earthly branches. With each earthly branch there’s an accompanying element known as a heavenly stem. Here’s an example of a Four Pillars Chart.

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What interests me as a psychic who has the ability to see auras, is the interface and flow of colours between people’s chakras and auras. When looking around a room, I can see the depth of energy investment between people by the shades of colours and shapes of the interactions within their fields. There are some chakras that have a strong energy exchange in vibrancy, breadth and colour. This then affects the outer auras of the individuals and also shows whether those connections are positive or negative.

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Building Bridges & Expanding our Horizons

A report on the 2016 Astrology Conference by Demian Allan

This was the 48th annual Astrological Association based in Cambridge on a Mercury retrograde, a rather painful Mercury retrograde placed on the natal chart of the start of the conference in the rather deep and mysterious 8th house. As the representative of BAPS I always have in the past enjoyed getting together and exchanging ideas with other astrologers, my profession as with all of the divination disciplines can be a solitary one for most of the time. But we also welcomed back Jupiter starting its transit through the sign of Libra for the first time in twelve years adding a sparkling effervescent quality to the social side of the conference. The theme of the weekend was ‘building bridges and expanding horizons’ I assume taken from the Jupiter connection.

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August 27 - Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter + Mercury

A spectacular conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will be visible in the evening sky. The two bright planets will be extremely close, appearing only 0.06 degrees apart. Look for this impressive grouping in the western sky just after sunset.

But what will this mean for all of us, especially in a 9 year of endings and beginnings. Venus is about relationships, romance, money and values as well as pleasure generally and Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion.

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Mars Retrograde at 8 degrees Sagittarius

Mars turned retrograde at 12.15 GMT on 17 April at 8 degrees of Sagittarius. It continues retrograde until it reaches 23 degrees of Scorpio on 29 June. It will complete its return to 8 degrees of Sagittarius on 21 August, but what does this mean to us?

Mars is our energy, our get-up-and-go, how we express our masculinity (whether we are male or female, though each sex will express this differently). The sign where our natal Mars is can also indicate how we express anger. If Mars is transiting your natal Sun at this time, or transiting its natal self you will feel this transit more strongly than other people do.

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Mercury Retrograde at 23 degrees of Taurus

On 28 April at 17.21 GMT Mercury turns retrograde at 23 degrees of Taurus. It remains retrograde until 22 May at 13.21 when it will be at 14 degrees of Taurus. It will return to 23 degrees of Taurus on 7 June. For much of this transit Mercury is in the same sign as the Sun, and the Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Taurus on 10 May. The Sun will be at 2 degrees of Gemini when Mercury returns to forward movement. Mercury will finally move into Gemini on June 13th.

So what does this mean:

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WHAT IS THE TAROT? by Steve Hounsome

This might seem a strange question to be asking members of a Society who almost all will be familiar with its subject matter. However it can still be a valid one, especially in these days of mass production of Tarot decks and an ever-expanding range of themes of such packs.

There have been many and varied definitions of the Tarot over the years, ranging from ‘a wicked pack of cards’ and ‘the Devil’s Picturebook’ to ‘a cosmos in miniature’. On the Tarot courses I teach, students are asked to write their own definition at the outset, and then a further one at the conclusion – they are rarely the same.

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Medicinal Weed, Nettle [Urtica Dioica] By Marlene Houghton

We are all familiar with the lowly and unassuming nettle growing in our garden, but are we aware that this humble weed has powerful medicinal qualities? The Latin name Urtica comes from the word ‘to burn’ and this is exactly what ensues if you happen to get too near to a nettle whilst gardening! The itchy sensation is felt because the stinging hairs which are sharp, polished spines, contain formic acid and histamine. When the plant comes into contact with the skin these irritating chemicals are released.

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The Overzealous Reflexologist by Sasha Fenton

During the 1980s, many BAPS members travelled around the country giving readings at festivals. We stayed in small guest houses, and after our day’s work was finished and we had eaten, we often sat around in one of the rooms, talking about mind, body, spirit matters. We all had different areas of knowledge and different skills, and none of us were in the habit of hugging knowledge to ourselves, so these gatherings often became wonderful mini-workshops. On the night in question, a young reflexologist, who I shall call Jessica, decided to demonstrate her skills to us.

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Strange Divinations By Sasha Fenton

It was suggested that I should write some articles about unusual forms of divination or “fortune-telling” for the Mercury and there is no shortage of them, as almost anything can be used a tool to focus a reader’s mind and intuition. Some tools obtain power because the reader meditates over them and pours cosmic energy onto them before using them for the first time, while others are powerful by nature. Tarot cards are no more than painted bits of paper until the reader “charges them” before their first use.

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