Mercury Retrograde at 11 degrees of Virgo on 13 August 2017 from 01.02 hrs

Mercury, planet of the mind and of communication and commerce, is the ruling planet of Virgo so this retrograde passage could be stronger than some others. If your natal Mercury is in Virgo you will be particularly aware of the effects. How it affects you personally will depend on which part of your natal chart (House) is covered by Virgo. If your natal Mercury is in Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini then you may also be more aware of Mercury's passage as it squares (90 degrees) itself in Sagittarius and Gemini, and opposes (180 degrees) itself in Pisces.

Traditionally people assume that a retrograde Mercury signifies delays with journeys and miscommunications. While this can be the case, a retrograde Mercury can be a three-week period for reflection on matters relating to the sign that Mercury is transiting, taking time over plans and projects, and just thinking. And if other people try to rush you at this time, be aware that a quick decision may not be for the best.

For some people this will be the time they receive their exam results so if you are hoping to go to University or to some course of further education and the results are not what you wanted, take your time to think of alternatives. Obviously there will be the intense pressure to contact Clearing as soon as possible, but just think, is this wise? If you are a parent or relative coping with a disappointed teenager, try to help them not to grab whatever course is offered just because it is available. The reverse could also be true: the exam results are much better than expected. Enjoy the success, but still take time to investigate courses and, again, don't plump for the first offer unless you are as sure as you can be that it is the right one. This is one example of how using the energies of Mercury retrograde in Virgo can be beneficial at this time.

In the archetypal zodiac Virgo is the Sixth House of day-to-day work and health, and of service to others. These issues are already in the limelight because of recent events, so expect a further emphasis on hospital workers, the ambulance service and related areas at this time (not necessarily because of another emergency). There could be a focus on careworkers, or informal carers (the family and friends who voluntarily look after relatives or neighbours who can't manage by themselves). These people could find themselves having to take difficult decisions about the well-being of their “cared fors” or there might be delays in arranging care. People who do voluntary work, especially in health-related sectors, could find themselves thinking over their commitment to such organisations. We could all find ourselves thinking more about how we serve others (even if it's only taking in a parcel for the neighbour we don't like!) or our attitudes to our own health and well-being.

From 1 to 5 September Mercury slips into Leo before turning direct and finally returning to Virgo on 10 September. Leo is the archetypal sign of recreation and creativity, so perhaps there will be a more marked reluctance to return to school this year, or to let go of the holiday feelings and return to Real Life again.

To find out exactly what this Mercury Retrograde is going to mean to you personally, have a reading with one of our fully qualified astrologers.

By Lucy Voss  Consulant Member British Astrological & Psychic Society.  

Chiron retrograde 1st July until 5th December.

Chiron is the wounded healer and our greatest teacher. His position in your particular birth chart gives an indication of the soul wound that you (and all of us) are each here to heal. This can be either a physical condition or a spiritual, emotional or mental wound.

It takes Chiron 50 years to return to the same position within our birth charts and the healing of this wound is often begun by receiving a similar wound, which enables us to heal both at the same time. This is why so many people have what we call a “midlife crisis” because as Chiron returns to the same position we are given the opportunity to heal this original wound.

When a planet goes retrograde it does not necessarily mean that bad things are going to happen.


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25 May New Moon

May 25 - New Moon @ 20.46 The Moon will located on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and will not be visible in the night sky. This phase occurs at 19:45 UTC. This is the best time of the month to observe faint objects such as galaxies and star clusters because there is no moonlight to interfere.  Unfortunatey no meteor showers at the moment but you never know if you might see a stray one.  It is also the best time for starting new projects and doing the abundance cheque ritual.

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What Type of Holiday do the Star Signs Enjoy Most?

Summer is coming and if you are planning your holiday this year with that special someone see here for what type of holiday each star sign prefers.  In this Article "The Zodiac Goes on Holiday" Lucy Voss, a Consultant Member of BAPS, (British Astrological & Psychic Society) describes the types of holidays enjoyed most by each star sign.  


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Fireworks from a Houseplant (who says plants don't communicate) by Helen Francesca CM BAPS

Almost everyone is familiar with the names The Green Man or Jack in the Green, which for pagans symbolises the life force in nature. It’s usually seen as a face peeking through a halo of leaves. Representations of the Green Man are often found carved into old timbers or stone, especially in churches, and long associated with wild fertility and freedom.  But what has this got to do with fireworks let alone house plants?


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Wild Garlic and its uses by Helen Francesca CM BAPS

With all the talk about foraging for local, wild foods and the interest in organic natural products , I wanted to find out about a beautiful plant that grows abundantly in Britain and is available right now in any woodland.  It has a variety of medicinal uses as well as a culinary delight.  


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Pagan Festival of Beltane

Beltane is one of my favourite pagan holidays because it represents fertility, abundance and growth. Like Samhain, the opposite holiday on the Wheel of the Year, this is also a time when the veil between the realms is thin, and a good time to communicate with the spirit world, especially nature spirits.

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Mercury Retrograde

Merrcury is currently retrograde.  It goes retrograde 3 or 4 times a year in different signs so it obviously has a different affect on each and every one of us.  It also has a generally affects us all in the same ways.  Mercury governs communication amongst other things.  If you would like to know Mercury retrogtrade affects you personally have a reading with one of our qualified Consultants.  Or 

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Saturn goes Retrograde

Saturn turns retrograde on 6 th April at 27 degrees of Sagittarius and does not turn direct until August 25 th. Sagittarius is a fire sign, ruled by Jupiter, so the qualities of Jupiter also apply to this sign. Saturn is associated with limitations and slowness; its presence in any sign restricts the natural spontaneity of the sign in question, especially a fire sign. Watch out for delays with long-distance travel, (don't cancel the holiday, just be prepared!), delays with matters relating to higher education and to legal affairs. You may feel tempted to try and rush matters, but this will not be easy. One thing Saturn teaches is


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Mary Bishop on Clearing a Haunted House

Each and everyone of us has, at sometime or other, felt a presence in a building.  We have all heard about haunted houses and as children and teanages we are faciniated.  But what is it really all about?  Are there such things as haunted houses?

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Time Twins - Robert de Niro & Me by Sasha Fenton

An interesting phenomenon is that of so called time twins. In theory, these are people who aren’t related but who were born on the same date, at the same time and in the same place as each other. The chances of meeting up with a true time twin are extremely rare, but near misses do happen, and they can be very interesting.  

I once met a woman who was an hour-and-a-half older than me, and she’d been born about fifteen miles from my birthplace, but as I was only able to spend a short time with her, I wasn’t able to delve deeply into her life, but we did discover that our outlook on life and the events of our lives were extremely similar. Indeed at the time, we’d both recently had major operations, and these had taken place in the same hospital, with hers an hour-and-a-half before mine!  But what has this got to do with Robert De Niro?  

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