About Consultants

Welcome to the section of our site that provides information about our Consultants and the type of readings they offer. The first thing we would like to say is that in choosing a BAPS Consultant to have a reading from you have certain assurances:

  • All our Consultants have been examined for proficiency in the discipline(s) shown in bold in their profile.
  • They are required to adhere to the Society's Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • The Society has a Complaints Procedure in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the reading you receive.

Choosing the type of reading to have:

There are many types of divinatory systems and some of our Consultants are proficient in more than one. Information about what can be expected from a particular type of reading can be found by using the links provided under the Readings heading, where you will also find a list of those Consultants who undertake that type of reading. The main National Register can be accessed using the link at the top.

In most readings information relating to the past and present will be provided, as well as guidance relating to the future. The exceptions to this would be in a discipline such as Graphology, which is more concerned with defining the characteristics of an individual than with looking at future events, or where you are seeking advice on a question that is not time related.

Other information:

Many BAPS Consultant Members are involved in counselling and healing work of one kind or another, and a brief note of this is usually made in the information provided in each Consultant’s profile. The Society does NOT examine Consultants in this respect but accepts as valid those qualifications gained from the appropriate professional organizations, i.e. National Federation of Spiritual Healers and the many Complementary Therapy bodies. Consultants are expected to adhere to any Codes of Practice and Ethics laid down by such organizations to which they may belong. The Society, however, must exempt itself from any responsibility for any work and practices carried out by its Consultants in fields other than those for which the Society itself carries out the examination.

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