How the Courses Work FAQ

Based on Tutor-supported home study, incorporating audio visual and written work, these in-depth courses will ensure your spiritual development.

Each student will have a personal tutor who is an expert in the subject being studied. They will be contactable via email, telephone and Skype. At the end of each lesson there are tutor exercises for you to do to ensure your understanding of the lesson and to check your progress. These form a fundamental part of your training and future qualification.

We know that once you have made up your mind to do something you probably want to get started straight away so the materials for the first lesson of every course are immediately available, to download after purchase. After which each lesson will be emailed to you on completion of each lesson.

Which course is right for me?

This will depend very much on your particular interest and focus, whether you are just interested and want to explore or whether you are working towards a particular qualification. You don’t need to make up your mind now because all the courses follow on from each other.

Many tools and techniques are applicable to all subjects and a sound grounding of these core skills is essential. It is therefore recommended that if you are a beginner you start with the Core Skills Training, prior to starting on any individual subjects. This course will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills covering:

  1. how to manage your body's energy system, including protection of your aura and chakras;
  2. meditation and visualisation skills as well as;
  3. colour interpretation, and;
  4. exercises to develop your psychic and intuitive abilities;

all of which are essential for your future progression as most specialist subjects build on these core skills.

If a student has not completed the Core Skills training with us but has previous experience such as healing, then entry to the more advanced individual specialist courses will be by a telephone or Skype interview with an expert tutor. If at any stage during the training either you or your tutor think you need to expand your knowledge and skills within any of the core subjects then you will be asked to purchase the appropriate individual lesson from the Core Skills Training program.

If you are not sure at which level you should enter then please contact our Schools Administrator.

How long will it take to complete a course?

This will depend upon how much time you devote to the training and if you are starting with the Core Skills Training or you feel you already have enough experience to begin at the intermediate level.

Each specialist course is in two parts and comprises 10 – 12 lessons each. You work at your own pace in your own time and you have up to a year in which to complete each course. Some lessons you will find easier than others.

We do however suggest that you set aside a regular time so you can keep up the momentum. Whether it be an evening a week or a day a month is up to you. The Courses all have practical exercises, which will need to be practised regularly. Most students complete each lesson within 4-6 weeks.

The Lessons

Each lesson is individual in itself. The theory should not take too long to complete but most lessons require you to do on-going practice exercises.

The time necessary to do the exercises to send to your tutor will depend on your own individual ability to complete the exercises at the end of each lesson. Keeping records of your experiences with the practice exercises will make this much quicker and easier to do.

Always try to complete an exercise from start to finish at one sitting, rather than breaking off in the middle. This maintains continuity as well as giving you a greater sense of achievement. If you feel you are struggling with a particular exercise then contact your tutor who will be able to help you.


Some exercises are included as you progress through each lesson. At the end of each lesson is a variety of tutor exercises, These exercises are not tests, they are designed to help you reinforce and/or expand upon the ideas within the lesson.

All your tutor needs are short 'essays' which serve three purposes:

  1. so you can demonstrate you have absorbed and properly understood the lesson;
  2. you have the opportunity to address any misconceptions before going forward and;
  3. these exercises form an integral part of the certification and accreditation process.

If you find it easier, to record your tutor exercises rather than write them please contact the Schools Administrator to see if this will be acceptable to your individual tutor.

When you have done your tutor exercises you will need to email two copies of your work. One to your tutor, who will review it and return it back to you with comments and one to the Schools Administrator who will email you the materials for your next lesson, as soon as possible.

Each course includes everything you need to study your chosen subject, but it is advisable for you to undertake your own research as well as this has been proven to further cement your knowledge.

How much does it Cost?

Firstly you will need to be a Friend Member of the society which is an Annual fee of £20

Each Specialist Course is:

Part 1 when paid in full in advance is £299
When paid in instalments is £350 (£50 deposit + 10 instalments of £30 per month).

Part 2 when paid in full in advance is £349
When paid by instalments is £400 (£50 deposit + £35 per month for 10 months).

If you purchase both parts 1 & 2 of any specialist training in advance you receive a 30% discount making the purchase price £456.

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