Why learn with BAPS

BAPS's objective since its formation in 1976 has been to provide the general public with information about all spiritual and esoteric subjects and what they can expect from a professional reading. It has provided an ethical framework for Consultants to work to as well as ensuring a minimum professional standard of its Consultants. All Consultants have been professionally assessed by their peers.

During this process it was discovered that very few people who were doing professional readings were of the required standard, therefore BAPS set about creating their own training courses to ensure that everyone, whether they were just generally interested or wished to become a professional reader, had access to the latest information and training methods.

Our courses were written and compiled by experts in their fields and are constantly being updated as new information, tools and techniques are assessed and become available.

Unlike other courses, which are normally written by one person, BAPS has a pool of experts who regularly contribute information, ideas and exercises to these courses. Therefore students have access to a variety of different methods and exercises all of which have been proven to work. So instead of one set of ideas our courses combine the best of the best from our team of expert consultants, thus ensuring a much broader and in-depth knowledge of their chosen subject.

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