Benefits of Membership

  • Discover and share your spiritual and esoteric interests with like-minded people.
  • Keep up to date with expert knowledge of what is happening within this specialist field.
  • Receive the recognition of being at the top of your chosen field as a Consultant Member.

There are two categories of Membership within BAPS

Friend Members
Consultant Members

Entry level to the Society is as a Friend Member. All students automatically become a Friend Member. Those wishing to apply for Consultant status need first to become a friend member and then apply for Professional Assessment in their chosen field of expertise, after which, if successful they will be able to upgrade to Consultant Membership status.

Friend members cannot use BAPS membership in any advertising materials. Only Consultants may use the BAPS name within their literature.

  • All members receive
    the Society’s Mercury newsletter containing articles and Society news.
  • All members can contribute
    articles and book reviews to the Mercury newsletter.
  • All members can enter
    the Members login area for additional news and updates.
  • All members are entitled
    to vote and to stand for election to committee positions.

To apply for Friend Membership click here

Benefits of becoming a Consultant Member:

  • Professional Assessment by respected professionals in the field that confers positive professional status
  • Working within a Code of Ethics and Conduct for public accountability
  • Professional Insurance is available through the Society
  • The initials CM.BAPS can be used by your name
  • Your Certificate can be used for display at public reading events
  • Publicity through our website
  • The opportunity to have media enquiries passed to you through BAPS
  • Opportunity to advertise in and to write articles for the Mercury Newsletter
  • Opportunity to assist in vetting future BAPS Consultants
  • The possibility of running a local BAPS Branch to boost your local profile and business
  • An opportunity to become a tutor on one of our BAPS Schools Training Courses as appropriate to your discipline and skills
  • The opportunity to have your own Courses accredited by BAPS and students certificated
  • The opportunity to become involved with the running of the Society

Anyone wishing to apply for Consultancy membership must be a Friend Member. So please, to apply for Consultant Membership please login to the Membership section.

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