What is a reading

We don't always have all the answers, so when we feel lost or are worried about the direction our life may be taking, or when we just want reassurance and a helping hand, we often seek advice and help from others.

By having a reading you gain access, through the abilities of your chosen reader and their particular methodology, to connect to the unseen world around us that has always existed and receive the guidance you seek.

Each divination system works differently and the majority of our consultants combine more than one methodology in their readings and most will be able to answer any questions you have about your past, present and future.

They can all, in their own way, give you information about areas of your life, such as career, love, relationships, money, home, family, your own spiritual development and if your reader is also a Medium messages from loved ones.

(Owing to a recent change in the law Consultants are no longer able to give any information relating to health or finance as they have to advise you to seek the help of your medical or financial professional, but they can, if they are appropriately qualified, give you information regarding complementary therapies which we emphasise are complementary not alternative.)

A reading will show you the opportunities around you and give guidance as to the potential outcomes so you can recognise those opportunities as they appear in your life, put them to positive effect and consider other choices. Readings should always leave you uplifted and more confident in the choices you ultimately make.


Acceptance or otherwise of the validity of any supposed form of psychic, spiritual or paranormal phenomena including, but not limited to, readings and advice given by means of divinatory arts such as, but not limited to, Tarot, Astrology, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Numerology or Palmistry, is a matter of personal belief. All such readings provided by Consultant Members of the Society should therefore be regarded as being for entertainment purposes only. No claim is made as to the accuracy of information provided by such means and clients are advised to use their own judgement as to whether to act on the basis of information provided in this way.

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